Saturday, December 06, 2008

Check out the Games Today

Lots of state championship action coming your way from Connecticut today. I'm partial to the game at Trumbull High School, featuring the New Canaan Rams and Darien Blue Wave as they battle for the Class MM title.

I thought you would have multiple listening options for this game, but from what I'm seeing, that is not the case. It looks like only WSTC/WNLK will have the call, with my friend Matt Levine and analyst Zach Eastright.

My understanding is that CTSN - the Connecticut Sports Network will show the games on tape at some point. Check your local listings!

I would imagine the WELI will also have a game or two, plus wall-to-wall coverage. will carry several games live today as well, but apparently NOT the Darien/New Canaan game. That probably has to do with the fact that the CIAC, in their infinite wisdom, lined up FOUR 2:00 games!

(Just a minor update: Sean Patrick Bowley reports that SportingNewsCT will have four of the games, with WAVZ picking up one, and of course, WSTC/WNLK having the other)

Let's go over this again. In New York, the games are played at one site (the Carrier Dome) spread out over two days. Nobody misses any of the action, and no one has to run from site to site.

And let's review those games and sites (the details on the games are here, from the CIAC):

Ken Strong Stadium, West Haven High School in West Haven:
- 2:00, Class SS: Seymour/New London
- 7:00, Clall : Newington/Masuk

I have no issues with this place. It's got nice concessions and plenty of seating, along with a big press box (though the windows don't open, so it's hard to string a crowd mic). Still, it's a high school stadium. Plus it's Greenwich's personal house of horrors (0-3 in State Championship Games there).

Willowbrook Park, New Britain:
- 2:00, Class LL: Cheshire/Glastonbury

Again, nice place, with a two-level press box. The fact that I nearly exchanged heated words with a member of the New Britain coaching staff in 2003 doesn't deter me. Still...Central Connecticut is just a Dan Orlovsky bomb away.

McDougall Stadium, Trumbull:
- 2:00, Class MM: Darien/New Canaan
- 7:00, Class S: Ansonia/Cromwell

I've made my feelings known. Nice concession stand, decent field, a fair amount of seating. Still the press box is...hmm, is there a nice way to say it? How about unacceptable!? Certainly for a state championship game.

Even Kennedy Stadium would have been a better choice.

Municipal Stadium, Waterbury:
- 2:00, Class M: Ledyard/Brookfield

I don't know a lot about this place, but I've been given an unfavorable review or two.

So there you have it. Yes, I know it costs money to put games on at places like Rentschler Field, Central, Southern Connecticut, and so on, but aren't these kids worth it? Isn't it about making it to the "field of dreams?" Alabama uses Legion Field...New Jersey uses Giants Stadium...Pennsylvania uses Heinz Field...I think Texas uses Texas Stadium (at least for now). I'm sure there are others.

One site...a couple of days...everyone can come...get people like me to call the games (so that's a cheesy plug but I don't care).

Yes, I know, Rentschler Field was busy hosting UConn-Pitt today, but the CIAC could adjust or something.

Whatever. Our high school athletes deserve it.

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