Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quicky Yankees News and Notes

CC Sabathia...come on down! Yes the money's outrageous, but that's the market.

Derek may be next. I'm not a big fan of this - or signing AJ Burnett. I'd take a risk on Ben Sheets for two or three years.

Tony Kubek wins the Frick Award. I've been pushing this for a few years, and am amazed that the committee got it right. Graham McNamee would have also been a good choice as well.

Joe Gordon is elected to the Hall of Fame. This was shocking to me, but hey...he's a Yankee. Still I don't get why Gil Hodges hasn't made it, and Joe Torre would have been elected if he wasn't an active manager.

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Anonymous said...

AJ Burnett and Mike Cameron, COME ON DOWN! haha. See Ya tonight!