Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Canaan/Dairen Underway

Matt Levine and Zach Eastright are off and running, calling New Canaan/Darien on WSTC/WNLK.

I'm listening to Matt and Zach, who are presiding over the affairs from the fabulous press box in Trumbull. The PA mic power died as they went to the National Anthem, so the fans sang it a capella. Nicely done.

Matt mentioned something about somebody making negative comments about the Trumbull press box. Don't know who that could have been...

Then he said that the box will be refurbished.

Incidentally, Cromwell/Ansonia has been moved to 8:00 PM. And SPB (that's Sean Patrick Bowley, peeps) reports that the New Canaan equipment needed to be extracted from their bus by the fire department. A police escort rushed it to Trumbull High.

You can't make this stuff up.

As I listen, I am watching the Steelers and Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII on the NFL Network. Curt Gowdy, Merlin Olsen, and John Brodie called it on NBC. I wonder who will win?

For the record, it was the Steelers 35-31. My love of the Steelers was officially born that day, and Terry Bradshaw immediately became my football idol. Anybody who can beat the Cowboys was all right with me.

Perhaps they're showing it because the Stillers and America's Pretend Team will meet tomorrow in The Burgh?

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