Saturday, December 06, 2008

More High School Sports That I'm Not Calling

Ken McMillan writes a blog about sports media for the Times-Herald Record of Middletown, NY. I read his blog, but was disappointed that he never mentioned any Renegades stuff, or our Tailgaters efforts on the Hudson Valley Radio Network. Yet Sean Ford likes him and told me to pipe down, so I did.

Anywho, I like McMillan's blog and frequently comes to us with news of Port Jervis (New York) games being aired on WDLC (coincidentally, 1490 AM). So I read with interest that WDLC is going to air Port Chester wrestling and basketball (both girls and boys).

Girls' basketball and wrestling? Are you serious?

I have enough trouble getting boys basketball on WGCH.

For cripes sake, we have so freakin' much we could offer. Rugby, water polo, and more.

What's their secret?

By the way, New Canaan has just taken a 2-0 lead in the second quarter. A safety, obviously. You can follow the rest via the Connecticut Post and SPB.


Anonymous said...

We gotta get some games Adams! :) I need something to do this Winter haha


Rob Adams said...

That's "Mr." Adams to you (at least that's what Nick Angotto calls me).

Don't worry - hockey's coming.