Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Summer Just Gets More Exciting

So by now you've read about the Gades, and a hint about something at Fenway Park. I'm hoping to hit the road a few other times for possible baseball trips, and am still playing with the idea of a road meeting in Richmond (Virginia, in case you were wondering).

Yet what I haven't done is gone on a vacation. In a long time.

Yes, I got to Naples last year, but that was basically a business trip. Before that it was business trips to Chicago and Orlando. Even our March, 2006 visit to New Orleans was for a purpose, though we found time for leisure.

No, it's time for a real vacation. Some west and wee-waxation (as Elmer Fudd would say). Something that fits my personality, and will let Sean have some fun also.

And nothing says that like...camping?

Oh sure, because when you think of good ol' me, CAMPING is the first thing that comes to your mind, of course.

See, my family has gone camping for several years now. It was born out of my brother and his wife (my brother is also known to me as "Big King Chief Camping" or "The Czar of Camping" or...when he's pushing my buttons..."The Camping Ditcator), who had started pitching a tent (or popup camper, or whatever).

Eventally he invited other factions of the fam to go along. I stood in my mother's yard one day, ready to mow her lawn as I watched my brother, his wife, my mother, my sister, and roughly nine of my nieces and nephews caravan away to a distant campsite.

Never much for camping, I suddenly felt left out. Then I heard them raving about it. So Sandi and I gave it a try in 2005, in Sturbridge, Mass. Sadly it didn't go well, as it was humid and fairly miserable. Plus we lost points for not being tent campers. We used a cabin.

Baby steps here.

I was set to try again, but it was not to be as the layoffs and the slide down the mountain of life began. But as 2008 began, I knew that camping would be a fairly inexpensive way to get away. So armed with a tent that Steph gave me, and a brand new comfy air mattress (at least I hope it's comfy - I'll test it out in Pennsylvania this weekend), we're off to Jim Thorpe, PA next month.

Why Jim Thorpe, PA? Ask the Czar!

Seriously, he says it's nice there. Honestly it doesn't matter to me. While I might prefer to get a beach house, I'm just looking forward to having the opportunity to get away, chill out, and not feel like the outisder anymore.

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