Friday, June 27, 2008

Gary Cohen: No Animosity Here

I've been accused of Yankees bias/anit-Mets bias before, and it's all good. I think I'm harsh, but fair when the subject comes up. You're obviously entitled to your opinion; so be it.

That brings me to Mets broadcaster and Yankees hater Gary Cohen. It is no secret that he and Howie Rose (Mets radio voice) hate the Yankees with every ounce of vitriol they can muster. I've long thought that Cohen (and Rose for that matter) is an exceptional broadcaster, but have also long-criticized him for his amazingly lame home run call ("and it's OUTTA HERE"). To me, the truly greats don't have a shtick. Yet that's not why we're here tonight.

Neil Best has done the dirty work again
, noting that Cohen, calling today's Yankees-Mets debacle in the Bronx, said:
"Of course the thing that the Yankees never talk about is the fact that A-Rod is still twice the shortstop that Jeter is, but you're not allowed to say that here."
Of course, as I'm writing this, Jeter hits a monster RBI double to the base of the wall in right center. But he, ya know, sucks, right Gary? He's only to get perhaps 4000 hits, and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Oh and those four rings are just candy, right?

How exactly do those sour grapes taste?

Let's be clear, before you get your David Wright Underoos in a bundle. I'm not saying Cohen is worse than, say, John Sterling. Hardly. I'm saying that while I appreciate Cohen's candor, he needs to be better than this. But then again, I guess he doesn't care, as he has the job he coveted his whole life (a la Michael Kay), and basically has carte blanche at the House that Minaya Wrecked.


Mark said...

A-Rod IS twice the Shortstop Jeter is. Who cares about Jeter's hits? The guy doesn't walk a lot, doesn't have a great OPS, doesn't steal bases anymore, and is a WORSE than average fielding SS.

It's true what Cohen said. Every ounce of it. You're not allowed to say anything bad about Jeter in NY. He's the almighty Captain. He won his coveted 4 rings, right?!? Who WOULDN'T win 4 rings, when you've played on a team with 8x the average payroll your entire career?!?

Your points are moot, and Cohen was 100% dead-on.

And for the record, Cohen's HR call is the best in baseball today. Michael Kay's enormously lame "See-Ya!" is by far, the worst in MLB history.

Rob Adams said...

Nothing like joining a conversation three months later.

Glad you have a profile that can't be viewed. Nothing like being up front.


Here's the deal - I don't give a shite about OPS, or any of these other created stats in recent memory. I like A-Rod a lot, but exactly where has he been when needed? That's right. Where are his four rings?

Oh and make a payroll argument? Please. That's pretty lame. The payroll was not an issue during the run to the four rings. Nice try.

Please explain how my points are moot. I said Cohen sounded bitter - period. I said he's a better announcer than this. That's not moot.

Cohen's home run call makes him sound like he's trying too hard, but whatever - I'm sure you're a Gus Johnson fan also.

I hate "See ya" also, but I guess you haven't figured that part out. I don't like ANY prepared calls, and don't use them myself.