Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Off the Bench

Or...things to think about to not think about things in real life.

So, how did that epic NBA Finals series exactly turn out? I'm sure that Paul Pierce is now the spawn of Willis Reed (not...even...close). I do think that Pierce's return in Game One was big, but don't disrespect Willis like that.

You thought I was going to say "Whachyou talkinbout, Willis."

Kobe=Jordan? HAH! Laughable. Kobe's great, and I don't have a problem with him, but for the love of Bill Russell, don't make me laugh.

White 25, Red 13. You need to know these things to stay in touch with Greenwich, and GHS football. I saw some things I liked, including the play of Mike Lefflbine. I'll be honest - I had doubts. I don't anymore. I like him.

I talked with two of the Red coaches after the game and they were not pleased. That's all I will say. I don't want them mad at me also. Not that they said anything bad, but they're loyal readers. And pretty good guys.

Game one for the Renegades looked like this - Aberdeen 9, Gades 0...after one half inning.

The first inning of the year.

I'm pretty sure it can only get better.

To be fair, the Gades outscored the IronBirds 7-4 after that.

Fenway Park. August 9th. Just make a note of it, and return to that note when the time is right. Or ask me about it offline.

You didn't think the Mets would escape my wrath, did you? Let me count the words for the way Omar Minaya and the Wilpons handled Willie Randolph's firing:

Classless, bush league, ridiculous, and low-rent. Is that a start?

All I heard Minaya do yesterday was spin. He knew he looked bad. He knew he should not have fired Randolph after letting Willie and the team fly to Anaheim, then manage the team BEFORE firing him. He knew Jeff Wilpon (the quiet version of Hank Steinbrenner) wanted Willie gone.

Yet Minaya blames it on sources and the media. And he kept playing the race thing (about Willie being the first black manager in New York).

Here's the thing: Willie Randolph has been a ballplpayer and a manager for over 30 years. That's how I think of him. His race is of no importance. Neither is the fact that Omar Minaya is a Latino. Good for him. I'm glad it's a point of pride.

Yet in wins and losses, it's irrelevant.

The Mets mishandled this one. Badly. And a team that so much doesn't want to be regarded as the ugly stepchild in New York, as the second team, goes and does a stupid thing to a guy who's known mostly for his work with that OTHER team.

You can't expect to compete with that nasty OTHER team if you behave like this, unless you back it up by playing well. Last night was not a good start.

Oh, and despite a sore Wang (sorry, that one was easy), the Bombers are heating up. I'm still the skeptic.

I raved about Death Cab For Cutielast month. "I Will Possess Your Heart" had been in heavy rotation on the aPod (that's the Adams iPod, and I just made that up). Then I came home to a message from 101.9 RXP, telling me that I had won two tickets to see them in Brooklyn.

I couldn't go. Damn.

Yet I figured the least I could do, in lieu of that, was to buy the CD.

I did.

It's great.

I recommend it. Highly.

When exectly are gas prices going to come back down, or are we heading for a depression? 'Cause it's kind of already depressing.

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