Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Bobby Murcer At The Moment

Occasionally there are books that grab my attention. As sports director, that can sometimes lead to a review copy and an interview with the author. Well who just released a book a few weeks ago? None other than our guy Bobby Ray Murcer. He had even started to do some book signings. Yet when I went to the publisher's website, I noticed that their were no details on future appearances. I didn't think too much of it. I assumed that he was only going to do a couple of signings due to his commitments to YES.

Then Neil Best put this up on his blog today.
Bobby Murcer was forced to cancel the six scheduled studio appearances he was to make for YES early this month because he was not feeling well during his recent book tour.

For now, Murcer still is slated to work in the booth next weekend when the Yankees visit Houston, but that obviously is tentative based on his health.
Let's hope this is nothing more than being cautious, and continue to think good thoughts for our favorite here at Exit 55.

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