Friday, June 20, 2008

Reds vs. Yankees

I'm off to the Stadium tonight to check out the surging Yankees against the Cincinnati Reds in Interleague play (which is still dumb). The last time the Redlegs (as they were once known) visited The Bronx was October 21, 1976. It was Game 4 of the 1976, World Series. Peter Abraham reminded readers of the lineup:

Pete Rose 3B
Ken Griffey RF (that's Senior, not Junior)
Joe Morgan 2B
Tony Perez 1B
Dan Driessen DH
George Foster LF
Johnny Bench C
Cesar Geronimo CF
Dave Concepcion SS

Yikes...three Hall of Famers, and one who should be. The Yankees stood no chance. Bench hit two bombs, and I HATED the Reds for years after.

I get to hang with my peeps in Section 5 tonight. Making fun of Marlboro Man (nice guy, but a he behaves like a huge asshat) and his band of idiots is a great way to pass the time between pitches.

You might not know who Marlboro Man (or Moron Man) is. He thinks you do, but probably don't. He's a legend in his own mind. So this next part might be of no interest to you, but at least Kris, Mick, Steph, and a few others will have a good laugh at this.

I'm reminded of one very important rule...don't TELL me I have to stand up and clap for a two strike pitch just because you have five nine-dollar beers in you already and you somehow think the whole Stadium should respond to you with your mullet and your guy-pal Gilligan. And as for Gilligan, he just strikes me as a hanger-on; a poor schlub whose whole existance is fulfilled by hanging with Marlboro Man. I see him stand up and try to get the crowd excited, and I suddenly find myself ANCHORED to my seat.

Of course then again, there's a game going on. I like to concentrate on that.

UPDATE: It's Sunday morning. Hello from Warminster, Pennsylvania. I still hate the Reds. Well maybe not hate. Or maybe I hate these inconsistent Yankees. The Reds beat the Bombers 4-2 on Friday night, and blasted them yesterday. Oh, and Marlboro Man and his little buddy were complete and utter asses.

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