Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Raccoon Season Opens

I wasn't going to make a big deal about this on the ol' blog, but after thinking about it, I figured, why not?

Tonight, for the first time since 2003, I will be back with the broadcasts of the Hudson Valley Renegades (which I hinted at last week). I'll be in the sutdio most of the time, serving as co-host with "Voice of the Gades" Sean Ford. I'll do updates, interject into the game broadcast, and more. We'll see how it all develops. There's a lot of potential here.

Then I'm planning to join the team at Dutchess Stadium (for select games), and even on the road, as trips to Brooklyn, Staten Island, Oneonta, Lowell, and even Aberdeen aren't out of the question. Again, we'll see. I'd like to think that these road trips will keep me jumping throughout the summer. I'd even like to think I can bring The Son along - either in the studio or to some games. Likely? Not really, but it's at least something I'm thinking about.

I met with Sean (Ford, not Adams...or even Kilkelly) last night, along with our guru, Jay Verzi. Thankfully they're both Rob Adams fans (I need a few in life) and wanted me to be a part of the Gades again. In fact, they've been trying to get me back for a while. Not that I had gone anywhere...I was always available, but life (and radio) can be silly.

Sean and I picked up where we left off - telling stories and catching up. We even recorded an impromptu promo that turned out pretty well (if I may say so). Sean was very gracious with me the first time I worked with him on Gades broadcasts. He had never met me, yet put me on to call the middle three innings during our first game. I had assumed I was just there to watch and learn, but he looked at the headsets and said to me "you better put those on if you're going to do this." Then at the end of the second inning...in our first broadcast...he said off the air, "OK. You've got the middle three." And so it went from there (bloopers, blunders, nerves and all). Eventually he would even feel free to leave the booth at times - leaving me to call the action. It was like a dream.

I'm glad to back.

It all starts tonight. And it's all pretty cool. And it might get even better.

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