Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The New SportsCenter

ESPN's SportsCenter has not been relevant for, oh, ten years or so. Truth be told, I'll watch ESPN News for 30 minutes and know all I need. So the Worldwide Leader had decided to revamp. Instead of running repeats, they will go with fresh shows.

As for their talent roster, here it is:

6-9 am: John Buccigross, Steve Berthiaume
9 am-12 pm: Hannah Storm, Josh Elliott
12-3 pm: Chris McKendry, Robert Flores
6 pm: Jay Harris, Brian Kenny
11 pm: Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett, Linda Cohn
1 am: John Anderson, Steve Levy

Well that's not exactly Dan Patrick/Keith Olbermann "Big Show" time, now is it? I like Hannah Storm - she's a Greenwich gal - and I hope she fits the SportsCenter mold nicely. That 11pm show is what I call "Adams/Kilkelly Hell." Stuart Scott and Linda Cohn? Can I get a YIKES? That being said, I would just put Scott Van Pelt and Neil Everett there and call it a day. That's the closest you'll have to to the Patrick/Olbermann (or even Kenny Mayne) team.

Geez, no Bob Ley, or the late Tom Mees, or a still fresh and funny Chris Berman, or Charley Steiner, or Trey Wingo (Greenwich High School grad), or Craig Kilborn, or Greg Gumbel (there are lots more. Not even Lee Leonard and Greorge Grande (they achored the first SportsCenter in 1979). Times have changed.

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