Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dick Gregory Supports the I-Man

Legendary comedian and activist (Haysooz I hate that word) Dick Gregory was on with Don Imus, the morning following the I-Man's Pacman Jones incident. Mr. Gregory was initially going to be on to salute the life and legacy of George Carlin, who died of a heart attack on Sunday. Knowing he would be on, I held my breath waiting for Gregory to have his say regarding Imus, the so-called "racist." If anybody was likely to call Imus out, it would be him.

After discussing Carlin for a few minutes, Imus attempted to turn the discussion to Pacman...err...Adam Jones. Gregroy took over, "Wait, wait, wait, don’t do this. Let me say it first..." and off he went. Part of Gregory's point was that the critics are never going to believe that Don Imus - he of the "nappy headed ho's" - would ever be holding a discussion regarding racial profiling.

In other words, the critics were hosting a witch hunt. Hmmm...I think I might have said that just recently.

Gregory got what Imus was saying on Monday morning. He summed it up this way: "There’s some serious stuff out here and I’m satisfied.. I would be the first one to call it out if I thought it wrong, 'cause I don’t have to play nobody."

So, you were saying, Mr. Sharpton?

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