Thursday, June 20, 2019

Taking the Ramp

I-95 south, near Richmond, VA 2012
Alyssa Milano hasn't decided who she will endorse for the 2020 presidential election.

This, apparently, was news to the New York Post.

On Twitter, WABC radio host Juliet Huddy (rightfully) questioned why it was news. I quite agreed.
Sometimes, it's important to go right at a point.

But then again, as much as we want to drive straight downtown, we're often faced with a choice: the high road or the low road.

Everyone has had opportunities to address things or even get the "pound of flesh" so desperately desired. Everyone has faced that person or people who "went low."

From there, it's how we handle it.

That person could be an ex. They could be someone out to get you for some reason.

But even when we've got something, and no matter how great it might be to drop to their level, it's the right thing to be the better person.

My god, there are a lot of cliches on this highway.

Inevitably, your foe is going to swing and miss. You know, karma.

Or they always swing and miss.

And you're going to smile because, while you had the chance to take the low road, you went high.

Karma takes a while, and it sometimes feels lousy to stay above it all, but most of the time it's the right thing to do.

It will get them in the long run.

And you never showed your cards.

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