Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Off The Bench '19

I was going to call this post "Nothing, Part II." But I found a few nuggets, so let me hit you with a few things, to give it the ol' college try. This is what I occasionally called "Off the Bench."

- Bob Ley is retiring from ESPN after 40 years. I think we all had a feeling something was up when he took a leave of absence. Magnificence doesn't sum it up. Class, grace, eloquence, integrity -- just a few of the words I'll think of when it comes to him.  In the midst of the haha's around the World Wide Leader, Bob was a journalist. Thank you, sir.

- I listened to Huey Lewis and the News' Four Chords and Several Years Ago completely last night, probably for the first time in years. That album has aged quite well in my opinion. Classic R&B and soul tunes as interpreted by our guys. Sadly this is when they were in the vacuum of adult contemporary radio. "But It's Alright" was a minor hit, but there are songs on there that come across really well live, especially "(She's) Some Kind of Wonderful." If they were still touring.

- As I mentioned last night, The Clubhouse is back tonight at 7 p.m. on WGCH and Robcasting Radio. Mark, Dave, me. Listen. We're kind of fun.

- I've got baseball tomorrow, as Fairfield American plays Fairfield National. Shawn Sailer might not be along so there could be an opening to join me. That being said, I don't mind calling a game solo. Also, setup will likely be weird as I'll need to string some power to ... er ... somewhere, probably near some FALL fans because they know what I'm doing there. The Unity Park little league press boxes aren't media-friendly, because a scoreboard operator and PA announcer are needed up there. Game time is 5:30 on Robcasting Radio on Mixlr! (I make no promises, but I might try to put the game on the other outlets that we used for the convenience of our listeners)

- Chris Simms dared to call Tom Brady his ninth-best quarterback in his preseason rankings. Of course, who cares, except they care in Boston, and Alex Reimer of WEEI proves that very thing.

- The Yankees are very good. The Mets are a mess. Right now. As always, talk to me in October.

- Speaking of the Yankees, the numbers for visits to this blog fascinate me. I thought the Don Larsen/Old Timer's Day post was actually decent writing on my part, but it generated very low reads. Ah, well. We don't do it here for the clicks but as a sports guy, the numbers are interesting. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

- Oh yeah, since I'm writing early today, allow me to say I'm going to try to do Doubleheader today at 3 p.m. on WGCH. Magic. Mirth. Merriment. Mets! Oh and Yankees and lots more. See you then.

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