Monday, June 03, 2019

Come On, Greenwich

The scoreboard got installed last year
There was supposed to be a Greenwich Parade of Champions.

It's not going to happen.

Conceived after the Cardinals won the 2018 Class LL football championship (called by Chris Erway and yours truly on WGCH), the parade was initially set for December and was supposed to feature the fall sports champions. It was also to make up for the homecoming parade being canceled due to bad weather.

Then it got moved to June to honor all of the championship teams.

Earlier tonight, the Greenwich Free Press reported that the whole thing has been shelved. Blame is being bounced around, but one thing I know is that members of the football team wouldn't be there because the scheduled date (this Saturday) is the annual Red and White Football Game (which I expect to call).

So it sounds like schedules were the ultimate problem.

While it's a shame, let me say that this is the least of the Greenwich athletic problems. There had to be a way to get everyone together, but apparently not.

No, the bigger problem sits just off of East Putnam Ave. (aka US 1, which stretches from Fort Kent, ME to Key West, FL).

Cardinal Stadium still has hulking bleachers that are closed for business. GHS will need temporary bleachers to even hold graduation. What will happen for the Red and White, scheduled for this Saturday at 5 p.m.?

In truth, is there a place to film? Will there be a place for a PA announcer? Can I broadcast the game?

I have an email out to Greenwich athletic director Gus Lindine, and I know he'll not only get back to me but do everything he can to accommodate a possible broadcast.

In truth, I'm not here to assign blame anywhere. There are people far smarter than I am who know more. So I'm just giving my perspective from what I see and hear behind the microphone.

But I know that Greenwich can be glacially slow when it comes to working things through. I was here for getting that concession stand built, and the installation of the lights.

Cardinal Stadium is important to Greenwich High for graduation, track and field, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and football. It should be a point of pride.

We've been through this before (I wrote about it on April 15, in fact). Nothing has happened since then.

Despite the upgraded scoreboard and turf, virtually everything else has seen its day. The bleachers being closed simply amplified things.

As we sit here in June, we can now only wonder what will happen come the fall sports season. Where will those games take place? Where will those broadcasts and coaches films be created?

I'm quite sure everyone is ready to run to the Cape or wherever the summer takes decision makers.

Greenwich, your town needs answers. Residents, visitors, parents, concessionaires, writers, and broadcasters (Hi!) all need answers.

Your coaches need answers.

Your students and student-athletes need answers.

Don't be dictated by anything or anyone else (looking at you, Old Church Road).

You're Greenwich, Connecticut.

Let's go.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all you do for the sports community - The athletes, parents, grandparents, alumni, friends all deserve more than they have been getting. Rest assured that as an RTM member, I will always vote YES in favor of our athletes. Carol Ducret