Saturday, June 22, 2019

Getting The Job Done (FALL/Westport LL Baseball)

The day began no better than last night ended.

Mixlr, my usually trusted broadcast streaming service, was still having massive technical issues.

Through pure determination and resourcefulness, I made sure the Fairfield American/Westport Little League baseball game got on the air.

I wrote about all of this last night but went to bed with the hope that everything would work out. With Mixlr never coming back online, I was stuck with Plan B (and C).

Upon arriving at Unity Park in Trumbull, Shawn Sailer and I set about finding our broadcast location (thanks to the people from Trumbull for giving us a table under a tent with a good view).

It took me some time to remind myself how to do it, but I set us up on YouTube and utilized our underused WGCH 2 (aka Robcasting 2) web stream.

Couple that with the lineups and we were almost set.

As for the game, Westport grabbed a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the fourth on a Jared Lessing grand slam.

Check this out on Chirbit

 FALL chipped away with three in the fourth and two in the fifth before holding on for a 5-4 lead.

We were critical of the umpires for a missed call in the bottom of the fourth, but I also thought we were fair. They missed the call, but the home plate umpire made a point to come over after the game and tell us we did a good job.

We're that close to home plate that they can hear us.

The bottom line is to always get on the air. No matter what, I was confident I would make a broadcast happen. That's the reason that I earned the MacGyver nickname a few years ago. I always tried anything to make a broadcast work in any way possible. That's when the repurposed fishing tackle box comes out, filled with adaptors and cables.

Those are the circumstances when I think of the "Johnny Come Lately" types who think they can just show up with some equipment and suddenly become Al Michaels. It's when I look at Shawn and say, "Let's see (INSERT NAME HERE) do this to get on the air."

The preparation and resourcefulness make the broadcast happen. I have too many stories and too many examples.

The broadcast is the endgame.

FALL plays Trumbull American at Unity Park on Monday at 5:30. Robcasting will be there.

We'll let you know which platform(s) it will run on.

Here's what the WGCH 2/Robcasting 2 feed sounded like:

Here's the YouTube feed:

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