Friday, June 14, 2019

Catching Up On Comments

As a (hopefully) responsible writer, I allow comments on the blog. However, I moderate them. In all candor, I've deleted very few ever.

I normally get just a few on the actual blog page, and the rest hit either via Facebook or Twitter.

So earlier today, I checked in on the comments here on the blog and discovered there were a bunch that I hadn't actually published. I hadn't been checking the page of comments that were awaiting moderation.

So thank you, Nicole. Thanks, Dave T, and Randy from the Greenwich Athletic Foundation. Thanks to the anonymous commenters, and "Savoir Faire."

Thanks to Bill Daughtry who was at WGCH for several years before moving onto places like WFAN, ESPN, and now WBGO which is one of the great jazz stations in the country (if not the very best).

All of the comments were kind and fair and encouraging. So thank you all, and excuse me for not seeing them sooner. I'll try to keep a better eye on the correct tab.

I saw that former longtime Stamford High School head coach (and AD and Stamford historian) Jim Moriarty was inducted into the FCIAC Hall of Fame last night. Mo was joined by former Greenwich High athletic director Garland Allen, Danbury baseball coach Shaun Ratchford and others. Congratulations to all of the honorees.

Beyond that, the US Open is going on and the Yankees are playing like garbage in Chicago. Basketball ended last night with the Raptors winning, and the Blues won the Stanley Cup earlier in the week. So you're up, baseball. Don't blow it.

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