Monday, June 24, 2019

Fairfield American Wins Again, and My God is NOTHING Sacred?

Let's see the Yankees wear these circa 1904 uniforms.
Let's first visit with Fairfield American Little League baseball.

They beat Trumbull American tonight at Unity Park. We'll see them again on Thursday back in Trumbull against Fairfield National at what they call Unity 3 (or Field 3). Game time is 5:30.

If all goes well, FALL will be back on Mixlr on Thursday night. If not, we'll do the YouTube/Robcasting 2 combo. Here's how it sounded tonight.

I came across another embarrassing uniform item from the world of baseball that I completely realize makes me look like I'm telling everyone to get off my lawn.

But I'll go ahead and give the NY Post the click by linking to their story that says the Yankees will wear black uniforms on Players Weekend.

What's worse is that Players Weekend (which I don't like to begin with) is in August when the Yankees play the Dodgers in Los Angeles. I mean you're talking about two of the most iconic uniforms in sports, but let's go ahead and make it a novelty.

Again, I get it. There are bigger things to get upset about. Unwritten rules, players not hustling, a GM managing a team from home while watching TV, and so on.

But I'm a uniform guy. I need to not care, but I suppose that's why I write about it here.

In an era of pink and blue uniforms and stars and stripes uniforms and camo uniforms, I know I shouldn't care. I love throwbacks (which isn't easy by can be done when it comes to the Yankees) but, well, so it goes.

In minor league baseball, different uniforms are a thing and for good reason. Some of them are brutally ugly and thus great.

With the Yankees, I guess I just want the home pinstripes and the road grays. But this is 2019, and I'm not the target demographic. So it goes.

Oh well. Time for me to find something else to get annoyed at. Like the broadcasting choices for this weekend in London, when the Yankees meet the Red Sox.

Just say no, friends.

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