Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hope, Promise, and a Plan

Hope (Bob, of course)
As I've said here before, hope can be a dangerous thing.

Yet sometimes it's all that we have. It's certainly easy to remain cynical (and yes I can be that) but more importantly, I have to remain a realist.

Things have not improved a whole lot since I opened up back in early February.

Plus, as you might have heard, WGCH's status is tenuous to be polite. But while we keep our fingers crossed for whatever (or whoever) is next to own the mighty 1490, there's also the reality that the next owner might not want to broadcast sports or have me around at all.

Such is the nature of the business.

So we stay aggressive on other things.

A few emails have received positive feedback.

That's hope.

There's the promise of conversations.

And the plan of how to fill the gaps.

The story will begin to come together. Or it won't and I'll need Plan J (or whatever).

These are things -- the glimpses of sunlight -- that have to be seen in the darkness.

And thus the continued belief that it will all be OK.

Speaking of radio, I hope you caught Josh Somma and me yesterday between 4 and 6 p.m. on WGCH. Lisa Wexler asked me to fill in for her, and Josh, who has been her trusty producer for some time now, served as co-host.

We were, frankly, really good. Like me, Josh is a Connecticut School of Broadcaster guy (I sometimes have to remind myself that he was actually my student and we immediately hit it off). He joined WGCH in small roles before landing with Lisa.

We did mostly sports and some current events/politics. Most of all, we were fearless. We had takes that we believed in that were honest and fair. Nothing was contrived.

Some probably wouldn't have been pleased with our opinions, and that's great.

It was two hours that easily could have been a lot more.

As with John Marinelli, I have mixed feelings in that Josh is leaving for Florida next week, as he and his girlfriend are ready for a change. They're both young and it's a great opportunity for them. It's Florida's gain, and I will miss working with him, though we'll try to stay in touch.

Let that be another indication that people are leaving Connecticut in droves.

He was an asset to WGCH, and a person that I never got to fully utilize in the sports department, though I'm grateful that we called a few games together.

Lastly, congratulations to Lucy "Snakey" Shultz on the award she received from her school in Wilton. The award, in short, was for her being just a really good person, who's always helping out in class. She was surprised to receive the honor. She deserves it.

I'm so proud of her.

It's the back end of a good week for her, with Lucy (and sister Annabelle "Pinecone") gaining a cousin.

Bright lights in dark times.


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