Tuesday, June 11, 2019

One Year

He's back there

I went to Sean's band concert tonight at John Jay High School in East Fishkill.

I saw him before he walked into school and then as he took his seat.

Then his concert band began playing their first song when it hit me.

There's only one more year.

Sean is ending his junior year as we speak. There are only a few days of classes left, then finals.

Then summer.

Then right back into it.

A year from now, he'll be saluted at his last concert, and then he'll graduate.

He's enjoyed his music, and I'm proud of him for staying with the alto sax.

He plays it well, and goodness knows those days of mangling "Hot Cross Buns" weren't fun, but I am still proud of him for trying.

I'm just proud -- no, prouder -- for him staying with it.

I don't think this is his life. I frankly don't think he'll play another note after this time next year.

There are other student musicians who will go to school for music education. There are others who will keep playing.

Sean is seeing it through to the end of his high school career, and that's probably all.

Like me, Sean isn't into clubs and activities for the most part. I was on the bowling team. Sean plays an instrument.

He tried the radio club at school and quickly became disillusioned because all they did was set up equipment and play music at sports events.

As opposed to, you know, radio. Which Sean obviously knows a few things about.

When I told him that the mic wasn't loud enough at the concert, he was the first to say, "That's why I quit the radio club. I'd know exactly how to fix that and they don't care."

Again, proud.

It will all be over a year from now. Part of me is looking forward to it being over, and another part doesn't want it to end. Both are selfish.

So I just stay in the moment and hope he enjoys every last bit of the ride.

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