Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Few Wednesday Thoughts

The St. Louis Blues just won the Stanley Cup.

Apparently, some who wouldn't know a hockey puck from frisbee are suddenly looking to hear "Gloria." You know, the 1982 Laura Branigan chestnut that has become the rally song of the Blues.

Side note: Laura Branigan is a Putnam County, NY native (heck, even I'm not a Putnam County native). She was born in Brewster and then attended high school at Byram Hills in Armonk (in Westchester County, which I am a native of)**.

** Unbeknownst to me, Branigan wasn't born in Brewster, so she's not from Putnam County either. She was born down the road in Mount Kisco. Her Wikipedia page still says Brewster, and there are other outlets that have said the same, but even trusty Alexa just told me she was born in Mount Kisco. There were apparently inaccuracies in her bio for some reason. A commenter gave us "corrections" below.

I actually like the Boston Bruins, so I feel bad for B's fans. But to not have another Boston celebration?

That's why I was enjoying just watching this one. But wow. What a disappointing game 7.

Anyway, bandwagon fans are so cute. Truly.

And wow, the Boston hatred is strong tonight.

Once again, we saw that Doc Emrick is a national treasure, and the best broadcaster whose name doesn't rhyme with Min Wully.

Someone tried saying Doc is better than Vin. No. That won't fly. Buy my God, Doc is simply amazing. Enjoy him while we still have him.

One last thing: jinxes aren't real. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an ad saying the Blues had won the Cup.

A few days ago. After game 5.

Then the Blues lost game 6. But they won tonight. There's no jinx.

I need to turn serious for a moment.

A year ago last night, I wrote a post called "It Doesn't Have to End Like This." It was in response to the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, as well as Kate Spade.

The title says everything, and we need to continue that conversation. It doesn't have to end like this. Ever.

In the darkest moments, we have to remember there are those who love us and are there for us. It's difficult, but it's true.

Problems can be solved.

Please. Let's keep having the conversation and be there for each other.

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Stewball said...

Corrections: Laura Branigan was born in Mount Kisco, Westchester County, NY. The Branigan family had no connections to Brewster. It was all a setup to change Laura's history. If you like to read more, watch my research about Laura