Sunday, July 04, 2010

What, W00T?


This morning, I was writing a typical status update on Facebook, about my enjoyment of July 3rd, and how I was looking forward to today (oh, Happy Birthday, US of A, you big lug ya).

Anywho, I got to the end of my usually pithy commentary when I decided to write, “I feel I must offer a WOOT!  Seems appropriate.”

In hindsight, though, it seems lame.  Why do we say such “stoopid” things?

Apparently, this is why.

I mean, Tag Team (pictured above)?  Really?  Is this exactly how pathetic we have become?

Whatever the deal, it seems pretty, well, dumb.  I’m all for slang (being the home office for the creation of “Heysooz Cristo”, the polite way of saying “Josh, er, Jesus Christ”) but sometimes I wonder if we’ve just sunk so low that we can’t get any lower.

Yet like with most other things, one must decide if they wish to remain an outcast (often works well for me) or act as when in Rome (LOL?  Anyone?)


Don’t give this too much thought.  Go grab some burgers and dogs, watch some baseball, drive your Chevy, hug your kids, and watch some fireworks, all the while contemplating how we live in such a great country.  This, of course, could lead me to two separate rants:

1) About phony, flag-waving, showy Americans, who jump on the old bandwagon when patriotism seems to be the thing to do (you know them – you see them everywhere), and

2) The selling-out of Macy’s, with their cheesy made-for-TV 4th of July show and their even cheesier Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It’s only because a very good friend (though we’ve never actually MET) works for them that I will withhold.  Oh, and occasionally there’s a good bargain to be found.  But I didn’t like the way Macy’s and their parent company took away the local flavor of the regional chain names.

All rants for other days.  Happy 4th of July.

Gotta run, back to “Breakfast at Wimbledon.”

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