Sunday, July 04, 2010

Things That Bother Me: New Yankee Stadium Division


We all know the image, but in case you don’t, that’s Don Larsen, authoring his 97th and final pitch of his perfect game on October 8, 1956 at Yankee Stadium.  When the gods of greed decreed that the old Stadium (where this moment took place) didn’t have enough luxury boxes, they said they would build a new palace, reminiscent of the old Stadium (before the 1974-75 remodeling).  Among the improvements would be a recreation of the scoreboard in this picture.

I saw the picture below a few minutes ago, and it reminded me of the failures of the new Stadium.

image Folks, you tell me.  Is that even CLOSE to the scoreboard in the old Stadium?  There are more things that I don’t like about it, but I think the point has been made.

This is probably a nit-pick to you.  Yet to me, it’s just another sign of failure in a largely great building that is just not the beloved House That Ruth Built.  And every time I drive the Deegan (I-87) Expressway past the empty plot, my blood quietly boils.  And as I hear the community activists (which automatically makes me dislike them) whine about the lack of space, that rage intensifies.  I hope these “activists” are prepared to be the guardians of this much-needed park space.  I hop they’re out there in force every time a broken bottle is left on this new space.  I hope they have paint ready to cover the graffiti. 

Oh, today is George Steinbrenner’s birthday.  Happy 80th birthday to the Boss of Baseball (Springsteen’s The Boss, of course).

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