Sunday, July 25, 2010

Most Overrated Music Acts

I have to post a link to this list of supposedly "most overrated" musical artists of all-time. All subjective, of course, but I have a problem with people who post without giving away their true identity. Look for me on various discussion boards and you'll see me - "Rob Adams" - every time.

So have a peek at what "Coach" had to say on the Next Music Blog. Here is his list:
10) Dave Matthews Band. Whatever, Coach. By the way, everyone I talk to says they're great live.
9) Billy Joel. You couldn't be more wrong. I've seen him at least three times live. Great energy, great songs.
8) Bruce Springsteen. Dumb. Just utterly dumb. Cheesy music? Hmmm..."Born to Run", "Thunder Road", "Jungleland", "Hungry Heart", "The Rising", "Tunnel of Love", and on. And on. And on. And still the single most powerful, ass-kicking show I've ever been to. U2 can't touch it. Hell, McCartney can't touch it. Probably not even worth my typing, but I did it anyway.
7) Fleetwood Mac. Oh sure. Overrated. Rumours is just purely one of the most popular albums ever. It helped define the sound of the 70's.
6) Aerosmith. Not sure I totally disagree, in that I've heard way too much of "Dream On" for my taste, and a lot of their post, say, 1990 work has been borderline pop crap.
5) Green Day. Defined the modern punk movement. Do I love them? Not really, but I thought American Idiot was a brilliant album.
4) Counting Crows. OK, I'm now down with "Coach." Painfully whiny.
3) Journey. Nope. "Don't Stop Believing" was a good song to me when it first came out, long before "Glee" and "The Sopranos."
2) Kiss. Yeah, I have to agree. Sure, I can get my thing on with "Rock and Roll All Night" but effects at a show and costumes just don't do it for me. If I want effects, I'll go see Pink Floyd.
1) Bon Jovi. Some of their music is good. I can still really enjoy "Runaway", for instance. But overall, most everything post-Slippery When Wet is just not that good. Women like them because they're easy on the eye. Not the best reason to like a band if you ask me.

So who would make my list?
- Kiss
- Counting Crows
- Bon Jovi

They all come over from "Coach's" list. There was a time when U2 would have been there but not now. Who else?

- Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oooh...wear a sock on your thing. How original!
- Guns n Roses (yep. Sorry. I like "Welcome to the Jungle" but otherwise I just never got it. I think they hit at the wrong time for me.)
- Nickelback. Dear. God. Make. It. Stop. Now. Please?
- The Grateful Dead. Overall, I think it was all about being stoned. Which I've never been.
- John Mellancamp. For the love of God.

OK, that's eight. I'm still tempted to put U2 on here, even though I own most of their stuff. I might also do the same with Nirvana but again, I like them. The problem is that I have two spots left and there are countless acts that I could throw in (The Killers?). So I'll stop here and welcome more suggestions.

Give me time and we'll have an addendum to this!

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