Thursday, July 01, 2010

Some Links and Some Dinks

Happy July, if that’s your thing.

I didn’t watch or listen to the goal heard ‘round Brooklyn or America, or whatever, and with the loss to Ghana, it’s now largely – sorry – moot.  That said, I listened to the Ghana/US match on radio while stuck in unending traffic on the Belt and Southern State Parkways.  It was lively.  I was even willing to pass up crabbing with friends to watch the second half.

Incidentally when what’s-his-name (now famous for being a baby daddy and his confusing marriage) scored, I was sitting in my car, reading.  I kid you not.

Nick Angotto, Matt Hamilton, and Ryan DeMaria sent me texts to keep me updated.

It would have been too easy for me to post every anti-soccer/World Cup article, so I haven’t done it.  Like I said, I have cared about it, and enjoyed some of it as well, but it would never be high on my list of priorities.

For a point of interest, please understand that very few sporting events are actually that high on my list of priorities.  If the choice was between time with Carrie or Sean and a ballgame (be it Steelers or Yankees), then a compromise is struck, or I don’t watch the game.  That’s the way I am.  I love sports, but my family, friends, and loved ones come first.  So does work and life.

Anyway, since this is a Linky Dinks entry, please read Brian Lowry at Fox Sports.  Your mileage, of course, may vary.

JoePo comes our way with some great reading about the legendary Bob Gibson.  Funny thing is, Gibson doesn’t think he is as intimidating as the rest of us do.

I’ll just go ahead and say it: I like Erin Andrews.  Not because of her looks, but I think she is a decent reporter, who seemed to get the whole frat boys are in love with her thing.  I defended her for going on “Dancing With The Stars” (although MAKE me watch it), and generally supported her throughout everything.  It seems like she is going to stay at ESPN or ABC, and maybe she will dabble in both sports and entertainment.  Good for her, I suppose (thanks, National Sports Journalism Center)

Fang’s Bites has loaded up some videos in a new series called “Best Baseball Announcers.”  Guess who is first?  Uh huh.  Mr. Scully.  I can almost hear him every time I drive into Brooklyn.  Almost makes me not hate the Dodgers.  Almost.

Actually, I don’t have the zest for hating the Dodgers that I used to have.  Oh, how I hated them, and that would have been tripled if they were still in Brooklyn.  I used to hate the Reds also (1976 was not good).  It’s all passed, plus I like Mr. Torre, so my dislike of LA has subsided.

Hmmm…Chris Erway is a Dodgers fan.  Maybe I should rethink this.

That’s all I have for this morning.

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