Thursday, July 15, 2010

Star Wars (Episode 4, A New Hope, Blah Blah Blah) on the 6 Train

When I head into New York to see Carrie (aka, "The Girlfriend") via train, I get my engine on via Metro North (most frequently out of Greenwich). Then I jump on a downtown train (Tom Waits reference, not the painful Rod Stewart dreck). If I need a local, it's the 6 train, normally to 23rd Street.

That's where some randy fun folks decided to stage the opening of Star Wars (yes, I mean Episode 4). Carrie is nowhere to be found, though she would look awfully cute as Princess Leia.

And yes, I mean this Pricess Leia. Not going to get myself in trouble with references to the "Slave Girl" look of Episode 6. No, no, no. I find enough other ways to get myself in trouble, thank you very much indeed!

Your link is here, dear reader.

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Great video, Rob! Thanks for sharing.