Thursday, July 29, 2010

Egg Sandwiches

Carrie and I have been enjoying making meals together though, to be fair, she's the true chef and I'm just the lowly grunt assistant. So the other day, she whipped up some eggs - truly delicious eggs that we put on fresh made rolls from the bakery down the street. Of course we popped some cheese and bacon on it and it was a taste explosion!

This morning, back in the hood of the 845 (that's a joke), I decided to make eggs. I'm not terrible at doing least I didn't think so, but in comparison to what Carrie made, well, I suck.

Hers were light and fluffy and looked like scrambled eggs.

Mine were dry and brown.

Sure, I overcooked mine - that's an easy answer - but come on! This shouldn't be that hard!


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