Thursday, July 29, 2010

The FCIAC Football Blog Rides Again (Or, I've Been Scooped!)

I had this little piece of happy news a few days ago but was sworn to secrecy.  Yet when I saw that Tim Parry had put this on his page, I knew I could reveal what I already knew:

The FCIAC Football Blog is back!

Tim decided that it was important to see the Bill Gonillo Five continue, but he was also pushed back by those of us who wanted to see the site return.

You thought you could beat him down with your emails, texts, and general idiocy! Yet you couldn't get it done. If anything, he might have been reinvigorated by the general asshattery of it all!

So if you see a bald man walking your sideline with a camera, be prepared.

Tim Parry is back.

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