Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Linky Dinks

Earlier this week we passed the 25th anniversary of "Live Aid." Do you remember where you were or where you watched it? I saw some of the early moments, then headed off to Yankee Stadium for Old Timers' Day.

I mean, really. Yankee Stadium or a Huey Lewis-less "Live Aid?" The choice was easy for our 16 year-old blogger-to-be in 1985.

Sill I was all over it later. Watched on TV. Listened on radio. Recorded some to cassette (the tape has since snapped). I've seen the legendary performances of Queen and U2 (and was more blown away by Freddie Mercury and co). I enjoyed it all.

Steve Spears writes his memories on Stuck in the 80's and the St. Petersburg Times.

I wish to dispute one thing that Spearsy said in the Times article. He cited Bob Dylan as a "loser"...
by complaining on stage in Philadelphia that some of the proceeds should go to American farmers instead. His remark inspired the creation of the annual Farm Aid concerts.
Exactly. That was some of why Mr. Lewis and The News didn't play as well, and some of what a lot of people were thinking in 1985.

Harvey Pekar has died (thanks, Don't know who Harvey is? Well I'm not a comic book reader, but Mr. Pekar's life was done up Hollywood style in the movie American Splendor. A brilliant movie indeed. Farewell, Harvey.

The third installment of Breakfast and Baseball took us Tim, Jason and I (with new partner-in-waffles Carrie) to Scranton. Had we gone to Reading again, it would have meant Crazy Hot Dog Vendor silliness. Benjamin Hill explains, and includes photos of what makes Reading one of the best experiences in all of baseball.

I have to do a write-up of the Scranton experience.

WNEW's blog broke down some of the differences in the various versions of The Beatles' albums (and CD's). Always confusing.

Deadspin had a man on the scene to describe what Greenwich was like for LeBron-a-Thon. Pretty spot-on take, and I like the fact that he mentioned "radio people" towards the end. I didn't see any other radio types, so I'll just assume he meant me.

More Stuck in the 80's (those guys are good). They chose Tom Hanks' 25 best quotes from the 80's. I could quarrel (I mean, no "I get to be on top!" from Big?) but it's their blog.

I think that is enough for now. Don't know if I'll make it to either show, but friends are playing in the New York area this weekend. Mr. Jon Field, Jeff Terranova and company are reuniting the legendary hardcore band Up Front for a show this Saturday in New York, supporting the book Everybody's Scene (about the legendary club the Anthrax, that even a young, preppy Rob Adams visited). Some of the details are:

Location: Mercury Lounge – 217 East Houston Street, NYC
This is a 21 and over show (sorry…)

Door open at 6:00pm
LOUD YOUTH (featuring the son of CT’s own Jeff R. - R.I.P.) 6:30-7:00

ED GEIN’S CAR (after a 20 year hiatus) 7:15-7:45

OUR GANG ADDED!!!!! Stuffed in between Ed Gein's Car and UP Front

UP FRONT (with jumping frontman Roger on vocals!) 8:00-8:45

and after 25 years since being on a stage together; with all original members including Moby, the return of:


$13 advance purchased tickets and $15 day of show.
NO service charge tickets will be available at the Mercury Lounge box office Monday-Friday; Noon-6:00pm or available online at

Word is tickets are gone, and I might not make it due to that whole 21 and over only thing, since I have the eight year-old this weekend and I haven't seen a lot of him recently. I'm mightily disappointed, since I haven't seen Jeff in several years, and Jon in over a year. Kick ass, guys!

Also playing Saturday night are Scott Wilson, John Stinson and the gang of Cynical Junkies. They'll be at Richy's Puc (The old End Zone) in Putnam Valley, NY. Go get your metal on!

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