Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The CIAC Football Finals Are At The Rent!

About. Freaking. Time.

Sean Patrick Bowley confirms that, yes, the 2010 CIAC football championships will be played at Rentschler Field, in East Hartford. That would be the home of your University of Connecticut football team.

Readers know that I and others have screamed about this for years. Here is a fairly new facility that should be hosting Connecticut's biggest football events, a la the Carrier Dome in Syracuse (where yours truly got to call three state New York finals in 2002-2004).

Ah the good old days, when discussion board posters thought that Sean Kilkelly, Mark Rosen and I should be the broadcasters for ALL state championship games. Really, who am I to argue?

So come on Greenwich! Marshall the forces for another state championship run, since I want to call some games at the Rent and the rest of the state seems to forget my phone number come championship time!

(Except Ben Talbott at Birds Eye Sports, who asked me to to step in last year, but I couldn't since I had a Mount Saint Mary game that day.)

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