Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cell Phones (With VIDEO)

If you haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, then this will make no sense.

(I posted this because Kip loves technology...though I fashion myself to be more Napoleon than Kip)

By the way, I'm sick of these videos running off the dang screen. Any advice?

OK, after a year and a half of wanting to throw my LG Env2 phone threw a wall, I've reached the point where I can get a new phone from Verizon. That, friends, is where you come in. I could use some advice.

The parameters are simple - I intend on heading towards a 3G smartphone, probably with Android as the operating system. I'm also probably going to take on a data plan of some kind. So...

1) Should I stay with Verizon? Their plans are slightly more expensive than Sprint, who seems to be the clear number two to Verizon.

2) What phone should I get?

3) Any other advice?

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