Friday, September 25, 2009

Gerry Rafferty Follow-up (With VIDEO)

Remember this post, in which I pointed out that musician Gerry Rafferty, most famous for "Baker Street", was supposedly missing? I guess I probably should have stayed on top of the story, because as I trolled around the 'Net last night, I found this:
Singer Gerry Rafferty has issued a statement to say he is "extremely well" at his house in Tuscany despite rumours that he had gone missing.
That's from the BBC, and you can read the rest of it here. Sadly (for me), the story is dated 18 February 2009 (very British of me, I might add).


I'm glad he's OK. Please accept my apologies for my shoddy reporting by accepting this video of Gerry and Stealers Wheel doing "Stuck in the Middle with You."

And if you would rather see the "Reservior Dogs" scene where the song is used, head here.


Georgia Road Geek said...

This is one of my all-time favorites and is on my "roadgeek iPod".

Thanks for sharing it with us.

BTW, it's good to know that Gerry Rafferty is doing well. :)

Rob Adams said...

Mine too. I'm a fan of all of Gerry Rafferty's music.