Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thanks, Gades

The 2009 baseball season is over in Hudson Valley. The Renegades fell to the Oneonta Tigers, 2-0, in front of over 5000 people at Dutchess Stadium and proceeded to set a team season attendance record.

For me that means it's time to turn to football, which begins a week from Wednesday on WGCH. Still I can share a few pictures from tonight.

My fellow broadcaster Geoff Brault took me into the team store today and said that he and Director of Media Relations Rick Kubitschek insisted that I pick out some goodies as a thank you for my efforts in 2009. I had long said that I can be easily paid off, and that works. I grabbed the polo shirt I'm wearing in the picture plus a new hat. Honestly the polo shirt meant a lot because I often felt like I wasn't part of the team, and it just looks a touch more professional.

This is one of my favorites past times at Dutchess Stadium. Once the lineups have been written and the notes have been prepared, I stand outside our booth and watch the fans come in. Sean Ford and I did this for years and I continue to do so.

That's the door to our home, and the visitor's booth as well, which we also use when TV is around (if the opposing team doesn't have a radio broadcast). Sean Ford and I used to work from that small room when I first joined the team.

The team came out for a curtain call following the loss. A bittersweet moment, as many of these players will never have another time like this.

For me, this caps a long weekend of fun, including one of the most crazy nights I've experienced in a ballpark (that would be last night into this morning).

Perhaps I'll have more to say about this season at another time, but I'm thankful to everyone here in Fishkill, where I'm writing this. It's an honor and privilege, and I appreciate General Manager Eben Yeager having me join the team again. Also, a big thanks to Geoff Brault who didn't have to let me come in - after all, his predecessor (the aforementioned Sean Ford) is a really good friend of mine - but he embraced having me around. He's a pro and will do well in this business. I'm pleased to call him a friend as well.

The Renegades have been like an old friend to me. Coming along with the team to Aberdeen, Brooklyn, Troy (Tri-City) this year, or being at Dutchess Stadium always gave me a welcome respite from the daily grind. I owe them a debt of thanks for another great year and, believe it or not, I might even be back from more in 2010.

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Tim Parry said...

You should have grabbed a few polos. This way you could go a few game days next season without worrying about laundry!