Thursday, September 10, 2009

Linky Dinks

Let's start with that many have called the "worst piece of sports journalism ever." That last line is the worst:
Congratulations, Jaycee. You left the yard.

Yet it seems like the writer, Mark Whicker, has had his "come to Jesus" moment. Let's head to Deadspin. Sports Media Watch also traces the story.

Much has been made of Derek Jeter getting ready to break Lou Gehrig's record for career hits as a Yankee. It's been way too much, in my opinion. The hype machine on the YES Network has been fairly silly, considering the way Jeter has always carried himself.

Last night, Jeter tied the record. Peter Abraham thinks the moment was pretty cool. He's right, of course, but I just wish it could be done without the accompanying buildup, including giveaways on 1050 ESPN radio, courtesy of Steiner Sports. Ugh.

Oh, best lines from PeteAbe:
You know what stuck with me from tonight? Seeing the Rays on the stop step of the dugout applauding.

“I’m very happy for him,” Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon said. “He carries himself in a manner that’s worthy of passing Gehrig.”
Of course, yesterday (pun intended, I guess) was 9/9/09, and The Beatles Rock Band game and remastered CD's hit the market. Dennis Elsas, longtime New York DJ, recalls the time in 1974 when some guy named John Lennon visited the studios of WNEW to say hello.

Personally, I think I might have fainted.

I went out and watched Greenwich and Brunswick play their annual scrimmage yesterday. We have broadcast three of the previous four meetings, and I was initially disappointed when we decided we wouldn't cover this one. But then I got to Cardinal Stadium and found out that it was a controlled scrimmage, meaning no game and no score-keeping. Phew!

Jesse Quinlan writes about it.

Staying on high school football, Tim Parry is blogging away furiously at his site and his "Road to Boyle" site. Lots to read - go there for your fix.

Not to be outdone, Kevin Devaney, Jr. is doing his thing for the New York Schools at Varsity Insider.

Oh, and did I mention that I work for this little ol' outfit called WGCH, and that we've got a lot of high school football broadcasts coming your way? Did I also mention that our first broadcast is next Wednesday, September 16th? Oh, good, then let me remind you that Sean Kilkelly and I will call the action of Norwalk and Greenwich - beginning with the pregame show at 5:50. I will officially introduce the rest of the cast in the near future.

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