Monday, September 21, 2009

Wait, WHAT?

I've set up a couple of Google Alerts - which is a way for me to search on a term or name and have the results automatically placed in my Google Reader. For instance, I have an alert for "Exit 55", in case the blog is getting a little love (or lack thereof). I've done the same thing with "Greenwich Cardinals" and "Hudson Valley Renegades."

I've also done one for "Rob Adams." That lead me to see this today:

Robert D. Adams wanted on aggravated murder charge: Fugitive of the Week (from and the Cleveland Plain Dealer) It seems Mr. Adams shot Terrence Galarza in the 7900 block of Elton Avenue. Looks like he also violated his parole.

OK - let's clear this up now. Yes, I am Robert D Adams, but I haven't been to Cleveland since 1999. Need more proof that I'm not THAT Robert D. Adams? From the article, Mr. Adams is described as:
5 feet 4, 140 pounds, with hazel eyes and a scar on his left cheek.
Safe to say, that's not me.

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