Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Other Thing...

Regarding the Posada thing, with a personal story.

A few years ago, I was playing in a softball tournament and I was catching. For the record, I hate catching. Or should I say: my KNEES hate catching.

Anyway, an opposing player (and a real jackass. Sorry, I've said it), came around third to score. I came out from behind the plate - like a catcher does - and said jackass decided to throw a shoulder into me. Never apologized, never said a word. I thought about putting him through a wall, but didn't.

Look - I get it. Just as with Serena Williams, Jorge Posada, and this ass, I'm an emotional, hard-nosed player. But there's a point where a line gets crossed. The foot fault called on Serena was bush-league, but Serena can't threaten a judge. Posada was annoyed that he was thrown behind, but he needs to have a long memory and let it go.

And this softball jackass was and is simply a jerk. But when I saw what happened last night in New York, it reminded me of that play several years ago.

Posada was dead wrong.

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