Monday, September 21, 2009

Linky Dinks

As opposed to saying what's on my mind these days (which is why I haven't really been heard from around here, and few status updates until tonight on Facebook), I'll post some links.

Kind of skittish about "Rule 55" these days. I'll get the old feeling back soon.

This is not exactly a link but - hey!, did you hear that WGCH has added New England Patriots football to our roster of local coverage?

Few more kind and genuinely decent people in the broadcast industry than Ernie Harwell. He stopped by Comerica Park last week to salute fans and friends. (via the Freep)

While we're in Detroit, Tiger Stadium is no more (thanks, Ballpark Digest). So why do I think that there's no chance of saving any part of Yankee Stadium, despite the hopes of others (again, via Ballpark Digest)?

Joe Alvarez was the Renegades' manager in 2008. I interviewed him in Fenway Park. He's got a new gig now. He's a terrific guy, but he's old school.

Baseball is coming back to Richmond (from Ballpark Digest). I'm sure Jon would be happy to have me come back to my beloved Virginia city so that the two of us, with Sean and Jon's family, can see a game.

Not forgetting about high school football, we were supposed to see a top Division One prospect this Friday in Stamford, but Khairi Fortt injured his knee last week against Ridgefield. Dave Ruden of the Stamford Advocate says Fortt will visit the doctor tomorrow. We'll soon find out his status for Friday when the Black Knights take on the Cardinals (pregame show at 5:50 on WGCH if we can find space in the tight quarters at Boyle Stadium because TV will also be there...don't get me started).

Of course, Tim Parry has thoughts from last Wednesday's Greenwich win, and lots more.

I always thought Adam Schein was a clown when he was on WFAN. He and fellow SNY cohost Brian Custer didn't like a question from Newsday's Bob Glauber, proving to me that Schein and Custer are both fairly clueless. Thanks to Neil Best for the details.

Speaking of things that struck me (not a link, just a rant). I popped on 1050 ESPN for a moment yesterday and, for some reason, Bill Daughtry (formerly of WGCH...yes, the same) decided to take a swipe at Steelers fans in comparison to New York fans (Giants and Jets). I don't know if a fan prompted it, but whatever. To question the volume of Heinz Field versus Giants Stadium as if there's no comparison was silly. I think the two can play in their own league.

Bill also went on to essentially say Rangers fans are tops in NY, followed by Yankees and Giants fans.

A really good guy is moving on. Peter Abraham announced he is leaving The Journal News, where he's been the Yankees' beat reporter, to go to...NOOOOO...Boston, to cover the Red Sox for the Globe.

More PeteAbe: 2010 Yankees ticket prices.

Here's a story on another good guy. I met Freddie Coleman when I first joined the Renegades in 2001. I've heard him many times since on ESPN Radio, and couldn't be happier. A quality guy with a great voice who knows a ton about football. Pete Dougherty in the Albany Times-Union profiles "Fast Freddie."


Jon said...

Been hearing about this impending announcement....very excited!

Rob Adams said...

It is exciting! And...I'm expecting to have a guest on from Richmond to talk about it on "The Press Box" very soon!