Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Linky Dinks

Some links for you as I bask in the afterglow of a rainy day at The Big E.

A decision is coming in the effort to save Gate 2 of the old Yankee Stadium (Thanks, Ballpark Digest). You know my opinion about this - considering the way it has all been handled (see: Bloomberg, Mayor Michael and other criminal politicians in New York), this is the LEAST they can do.

Please tell me this isn't true. A nine year-old wears his CC Sabathia T-shirt to school and a teacher (read: Red Sox fan) makes him turn the shirt inside out, prompting taunts from other students all day. I may have a deep, profound hatred for a few teams, but I wouldn't do this. Ever.

Of course, the Yankees (oh, sorry, the AMERICAN LEAGUE EASTERN DIVISION CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEES) will exploit support young Nate with a package of goodies (Thanks to for both).

We talk so much about the FCIAC here, but there are some other great football players in Fairfield County. Silas Redd plays for the King School in Stamford and will head to Penn State next fall, and he ran for 356 yards and six touchdowns against Hamden Hall. Monstrous Yankees-hater Tim Parry has more at the FCIAC Football Blog.

Ken at Fang's Bites went away from sports media to dip into music. Cool...because he posted his top 10 Beatles songs! He picks:

10) Penny Lane
9) You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
8) I've Got A Feeling
7) I Am The Walrus
6) Strawberry Fields Forever
5) Hey Jude
4) All You Need is Love
3) Revolution
2) Here Comes The Sun
1) Let It Be

I'd probably only take "I Am The Walrus" in my top 10.

Finally, from ESPN via Deadspin, comes comebacks we don't want to see. For the record:
86) Atari 2600 - are you kidding me? I wish I hadn't gotten rid of mine!
76) Overly earnest baseball nicknames, such as "Charlie Hustle" and "Donnie Baseball" - Leave "Donnie Baseball" alone! To me, that's Kirby Puckett's greatest influence.
75) TV shows with better theme songs than plots, such as … 74) "Cheers" or 73) "The Greatest American Hero" - "Cheers" was a great show. "The Greatest American Hero" (and its theme song) was among the worst ever...believe it or not.
66) Music by Bette Midler - AMEN!

The rest of it is good for a laugh.

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Tim Parry said...

I'm not a Monstrous Yankee Hater. I just think the majority of Yankee fans think Mickey Mantle was drawn by Walt Disney... The fashion-cap wearing fans, of course...