Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gerry Rafferty - Missing?

I just stumbled upon this one. Gerry Rafferty, the 70's musician whose most famous song, "Baker Street", is iconic, is missing. At least he appears to be.

From his Wikipedia entry:
Rafferty checked himself into St Thomas' Hospital for liver problems. On 1 August 2008, Rafferty disappeared, leaving his belongings behind. The hospital filed a missing persons report.[4]

Despite claims that he has been in contact with family, posted on various websites,[8] as well as claims of sightings (including that he is in London, Bournemouth,[9] Brussels, Bodelwyddan, or North Korea[10]), after four months there has still been no authenticated report regarding his whereabouts.
So that's nice and misleading.

I looked around the 'net and to be honest, there's really nothing else about this mystery at all. Sad and bizarre.

I've enjoyed his music for a long time ("Baker Street" and "Stuck in the Middle with You" from his Stealers Wheel days are two speaker blasters for me) and hope he's OK.

Gerry, check in, will ya?

In the meantime, enjoy what is clearly one of the best intros to any song ever. One of the more definitive songs of the 70's.

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