Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures From the New Stadium

A lot of websites have been doing a great job of keeping readers updated on the progress at the new Yankee Stadium. I've not gone crazy on this topic but this latest batch of pictures that came to me via Sliding Into Home are very good. They give a look at things of importance to me - like the radio booth. Also, take note of the carpet in Joe Girardi's office. I'd like that to be in my home.

While I really don't want the beloved old Stadium to go away, I can't deny that this Stadium is going to be a palace. It looks remarkable.

The Yankees swear the new building will be done on February 17, and have a logo of that fact in beyond the center field fence.

I'll leave the debates about the new Stadium to others. To me, it's being built and that's where the Bombers will play. Nothing I can do about it. So just go enjoy the pictures.

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