Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off The Bench 2 (The Rob Crowley-inspired Kibbles and Bits Edition!)

Before we commence, let me say what a blast I had teaching at the former Connecticut School of Broadcasting (now sadly called CSB School of Broadcasting) the other night. I served as the proctor for their sports final exam in Stratford on Tuesday night, and one question still has not been answered:

Where was Nick Fox, who got marked as absent?

Was he afraid of the instructor, who would have graded him on his sports report?


I'll leak out a secret here. I'm a tough grader. There were no "A's." Close, but no.

By the way, the Sly one is doing great as a blogger. So is Rob Crowley. And of course, Sean Kilkelly. John Spang needs to start one, and our winter team is covered!

Just wish they'd all post more.

Speaking of Sean, congrats on his great poetry that continues to get recognition. Very powerful stuff. You would be silly to not read it.

I said in the last piece of brilliant posting (sarcasm being mine) that I'd post some links, so let's have at it!

Sean Patrick Bowley (the great writer from the Connecticut Post) has begun putting the pieces together for high school football in 2009. Some interesting matchups to be found this fall.

Oh, and SPB, I noticed the plug you gave to WGCH for our hockey coverage. Thanks a lot.

But first, football, and I know Greenwich coach Mike Mora is looking forward to having me around again. Or at least I hope so.

The Yankees don't intend to let Jorge Posada play in the World Baseball Classic. Good. Now if they could just keep A-Rod and the Captain out as well. It's the most useless marketing idea baseball has come up with yet.

They sent the carriers out from Norfolk, and picked the Yankees up for free...

I can't stop with the Billy Joel song quotes. And by the way, the Garden absolutely throbbed when Billy sang this song at the concert for NYC in November of 2001.

My throat choked up. It was that powerful. We all needed it.

Why the hatred for Joe Buck? I don't get it.


Who is NOT, and SHOULD NEVER BE, on the list of the greatest broadcasters ever, no matter how many orgasmic the likes of Awful Announcing and Deadspin get.

(UPDATE - Keith at Sports Media Journal defends Buck)

Here we go again. The Winter Classic at (the new) Yankee Stadium?

I want Rangers-Bruins. Original Six all the way.

A (pretty) full Genesis reunion, with Peter Gabriel? OK, I'm there. The earlier stuff is better than the later pop-influenced items.

This is where it is just too easy to make fun of the Mets. I heard Sean Kilkelly talk about this during our coverage of Greenwich and Notre Dame of West Haven on Monday night (to which we received RAVE reviews). Bot the Yankees and Mets will wear patches in honor of their first year in their new digs. The Yankees? Standard fare. The Mets? A friggin' Domino's Pizza logo! PeteAbe has the details.

I know how I feel when the Yankees commit a miscue. I can only imagine that Mets fans want to hurt themselves.

Mr. Imus has an "official" website. Looks good, and it includes blogs. By the way, if you have even a slight appreciation of country music, go get "The Imus Ranch Record." The money goes to charity and the songs are great. Not a dud in the bunch, and I'm not a country fan.

OK, so this is getting long. We're heading to a part three!

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