Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold

It's three degrees here in Carmel.

Three (minus 16 for our metric friends...HEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO Canada!)

Don't think I don't know who's visiting, hmm?

Wind chill factor below zero.

I suppose if you're reading "Exit 55" from, say, International Falls, Minnesota, you're saying, "Well DAMN! That's a heatwave!" But if you're here, then it's pretty freaking cold.

So wear your long johns, or whatever it is you do to stay warm. And as we in the trade like to say, keep an eye on the elderly and pets.

Fred (the infamous cat) is smart enough to keep his visits to the great outdoors to a minimum during these stretches. Instead, I think he's snug in a box on top of a shelf downstairs.

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