Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enough Politics...Enough Work

What seemed like an endless day has reached its conclusion. Know how you finally reach a point where even if you were to continue working, you'd be awful? Making mistakes and so on?

That's where I am.

I gave up on the Inauguration hours ago, so I currently have no idea what the First Lady is wearing, and so on. I'm kind of curious to check back in to see if there's any status on the condition of Senator Kennedy, who had some sort of "medical emergency" at the luncheon.

This was one of those days that stretched from about 5:30 AM to now (it's just about 10:00 PM). There were a few breaks, but not many. I needed music to get through (or the background noise from the TV). My mood went several different ways musically - from The Smiths to Matt Biondi (harmless 80's Jazz-Pop) to The Ting Tings.

That took me to dinner. For the late rush, I wanted to rock out a bit. I went with INXS, and I'd love to post a video, but I'll be damned if I can find one to post.

Party poopers.

Anywho, Google them or go to YouTube if you need some educating. Their early stuff was especially good ("Listen Like Thieves" is a personal fave).

OK, I'm outtie. You've been a great audience.

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