Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off The Bench 3 (The OK, Let's Wrap This Up Edition)

I'll try to be brief, yet still entertaining.

John Smoltz would have been an interesting pickup. He'll help the Sox if he's healthy.

From Mr. Best, it seems the Garden has reupped with 1050 ESPN. That's great - I'm guessing they don't want anybody to listen to the games?

Certainly not in Carmel. Not at night.

Amazing how powerless their signal is. It's a strong signal, but runs into interference from...Boston.


I guess Jay Mohr isn't a huge fan of those maniacs in Boston?

I've heard that The Raconteurs' show at last year's Bonnaroo festival was epic. The great WNEW blog says you can hear the whole thing.

Considering Jack White is a pretty amazing musician, I'd say it's worth a listen.

I've long known that Richmond Virginia (the great R-VA) was a melting pot for music, and many brilliant acts and artists make their home there. Even those who are perhaps semi-retired and living there with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Anywho, WFMU's blog has more on the R-VA music scene.

Said musician once let me sit in a recording studio while the lead singer of Cracker was mixing some stuff. Eventually I got bored, because I wanted to hear my friends' music. Sigh...

Normally I would mock such a thing, but I wouldn't to be wrongly associated if my name was, say, Robert Redsox or Robert Met...something. So yeah, I'd consider changing my name. Bravo, Mayor Steelerstahl.

I've still got more, but I want it to be in its own post. So there.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

It's the strangest things about 1050 ESPN, because they broadcast from the same building as 770 WABC - which comes in crystal clear!

By the way, I heard you doing a commercial on 1050 one night.

Jon said...

Hopefully someday I can come out of semi-retirement...