Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off the Bench (Or The Ballad of Robbie the Kid)

A bottle of red, a bottle of white. It all depends on your appetite.

If you haven't noticed, Billy Joel has made some incredible music.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget, yet it's perfect for a day like this.

I wanted to write "some freaking great music" but Greenwich Roundup always publishes the first couple of words of my posts in their raw RSS feed, so I try to keep it nice.

I figure, so long as Greenwich Roundup, Bill Clark, and the other Greenwich bloggers play nice with me, I'll play nice with them. Although sometimes Mr. Clark's criticism of the Greenwich Time gets to me. I have friends over there (specifically in the sports department) and I worry about their futures. But opinions are like...

WGCH's own Robert Crowley said he is a big fan of the "Off the Bench" rants (occasionally known as "Kibbles and Bits"), the format of which I snagged from Mike Lupica's "Shooting From the Lip."

That's back when "Lupi" was a necessary read. Now I have little regard for the News or its brethren, the Post.

Well we all have a face that we hide away forever...

I saw Billy Joel three times, back in the day. I see he's touring with Elton John again. It's tempting...although if Mr. Springsteen is hitting the road again (as I think he will), I will consider selling vital organs to go.

There's a lot of living this 40 year-old has yet to do, and I'm getting there. S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Speaking of great bands, the Stuck in the 80's guys have a plan to make U2 be...well...U2 again. I mean, let's face it. We love when a new album comes out, but when were they last REALLY U2? I haven't listened to either of their last two CD's in some time now, and their show that I went to in 2005 was probably the most disappointing show I've ever been to. I'll go again if the situation presents itself, largely because I need a make-good from that '05 show.

Whatever. That night wasn't what it should have been (not that it was that bad). I take responsibility. But I'd still like Bono, The Edge, Adam, and LM Jr to admit they're culpable as well.

Could they have just played "Bad?" Or "I Will Follow"? I would have called it a draw.

I'll need a different date for future shows because, well, that's life. I have some options...

Don't you love how obtuse I can be? (Definition 2b - specifically from The Shawshank Redemption)

I almost took a swipe at something but I've cleaned up my act.

I despise when asshat politicians poke their noses into things like sports. Granted, stadium building is a borderline subject, but Richard Brodsky has long been known for his "Schumeresque" love of the microphones. Butt out of Yankee Stadium, Mr. Brodsky.

Or Citi Field, for that matter.

When these two edifices are making New York City a boat load of money (don't forget, they draw tourists to town, GENIUS) let me know if the outrage was worth looking foolish.

Why is this so hard?

There must be a special place in hell for credit collectors and telemarketers. Are they ones who call the cell phones of those upstairs wanting to know if they've paid off their American Express Card? Don't leave heaven without it!

Hey Killer! (No, not THE Killers...I'm not pedestrian) THE Killer (sort of like "The One and Only"). He wants me to post more. Two quote Ed Kich: "How'my doin?"

OH! I am a good boy. I had a "killer" line here (no, not related to Sean) but I stopped. See? I'm not the self-absorbed ass that I've been told I am.

I think we'll break our "Off the Bench" into two editions, as there are a bunch of necessary links to see, and other witty remarks from your humble webmaster.

So as we say in the trade, keep your browser where it is!

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