Friday, January 09, 2009

An Oopsie in the BCS Title Game

My play-by-play brethren sometimes makes mistakes. It's almost expected at the WGCH level, where we don't have production crews of 50 or whatever. My crew is four or five, for instance. At the upper levels, it's kind of bad.

Anyway, I saw this on Awful Announcing this morning. It seems Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis missed a down. The funny thing is, it's there on the screen and on countless scoreboards in Dolphin Stadium. Don't you think somebody on their crew could have whispered in their headsets?

Oh well. It happens I guess. It just makes them an easier target for the likes of Awful Announcing and others. There's just no room for error - especially if "they" don't like you. If Gus Johnson, the darling of the frat boys and bloggers (except me) were to make the same mistake, it would be laughed at.

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