Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another Bobby Murcer Item

I haven't found anything on YouTube from Bobby Ray's debut on Friday night, and I'm OK with that. His voice sounded weak, and was at times almost disturbing - not because he sounded bad, but for concern that one would have for an old friend.

I'm often jumping on YouTube to see if there's anything related to things that interest me (the Huey Lewis stuff has been great). So tonight I searched on "Murcer" and came up with this dandy PSA commercial from 1971. I've never seen it before.

I remember he did one for Skoal Tobacco in the early 80's (I think), and of course, the great "Murcerized" spot for the YES Network, but I never knew about this one. Who kew he'd become a broadcaster, or even an actor (The Scout) based on this. Yikes.

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