Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greenwich Board of Ed Investigated for Racism; Bloggers Collective Heads Explode!

This should be a fun one to watch. The Greenwich Time has the story here, while even The Journal News (via the AP) jumped on the bandwagon with a story.

Don't fix the mold at Hamilton Avenue School? Must be racism, right? Just like Willie Randolph is being treated differently because he's a black manager. Play the race card, watch my antennae pop up.

So I'll just sit back and watch as this develops; once again leaving the hand-wringing and mud-slinging to the folks at Greenwich Gossip, Greenwich Roundup, and the other blogs from the "wealthy town."

Personally I always like it when they call Greenwich "tony." Sounds more aristocratic to me. While here in Carmel, or other non-Greenwich places, I just watch people roll their eyes at the mention of the town that I spend a great deal of time in.

Y'all just don't know. Don't be that quick to judge.

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