Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bobby Murcer - in Book Form!

Bobby Murcer turns 62 on Tuesday, and he celebrating by releasing his first book, "Yankee for Life, My 40-Year Journey in Pinstripes." Neil Best, who has become the preeminent media critic for the New York tri-state area, has details here.

Yes, I will absolutely be getting this book. Be it by gift, through media connections, or by plopping down my own hard-earned cash. But you probably knew that.

Incidentally if Bob Raissman or Phil Mushnick demonstrated half the character and humanity as Neil Best does, they might be slightly more likable. But they don't and instead are regarded generally as arrogant writers with an ax to grind (how's things with the SNY and the Mets, Bob? Have any more obnoxious things to write about the WWE, Phil?).

Oh and yes, I do own that statue of Bobby Ray in the picture at top. My friend Matt Hamilton got it for me a few years ago. It's him from his early career - in the 70's - when he still wore number one.

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