Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Eve

The above is the last good image of the Greenwich Cardinals 2008 baseball season. It was taken at a nice ballpark in Farmington, CT. The Cards jumped out to a 3-0 lead on a booming two RBI triple by Ricky Riscica and an RBI single by Jeff DeVico. Ricky and Jeff are the Cards' captains, and great guys as well.

Things looked bright, and fell apart after that. Errors, walks, hit batsmen. Farmington capitalized and won 8-4.

The '08 Cards were much better than that, and had much more promise than their 8-13 record shows.

On other fronts, I went to the Stadium Friday night as the countdown continues. I had, arguably, one of the best times I've ever had, with many thanks to Kris, Mick, Steve, Kelly, and new mom Lizzie. We laughed, cheered, and celebrated like friends and family. I need that right now.

OK, enough for now. I'm off to breakfast with the family. I know, to many, tomorrow is about warm weather, the mall, BBQ's and other relaxing pursuits. But please, please, and dare I say...please, think of those we've lost through their valiant efforts to keep our great nation safe. I'm going to a fantastic parade in Fairfield, CT that honors and celebrates Memorial Day. If I may be allowed such a bold statement, you should pause as well to remember that it isn't Memorial Day because you're trying to remember if you've packed the sunscreen as you're going to the beach!


Tim Parry said...

When I grew up in Fairfield, they still called it the Memorial Day Parade. Of course it could have been the unofficial title ;)

Rob Adams said...

And that's why you are the god-like blogger that you are.